6-day hut-to-hut skitour in the Swiss Alps

TREK REPORT 13-18 March 2022, I did a 6-day hut-to-hut skitour in the area around the Wildstrübel in southwest Switzerland. It was a custom skitour from the Dutch organisation toerskien.org that was postponed 2 years because of Covid. Joining me were Jasper, Roos, Harmen, Frank and Italian mountain guide Francesco Vaudo. It turned out to … Continue Reading

Trekking in Femundsmarka, Norway

TREK REPORT 8-13 August 2021, I did a 6-day 76 km trek with Leon Reteig and Vince Linssen in Femundsmarka National Park in Norway. Together with eight connected nature areas (some in Sweden), Femundsmarka is part of Gränslandet (‘Border Land’) which is one of the largest continuous areas of wilderness in southern Scandinavia (2.100 km2). … Continue Reading

Mountaineering course in the Ötztaler Alps in Austria

TREK REPORT 19-26 September 2020 I did a C1 mountaineering course with the Dutch Alpine club NKBV in the Ötztaler Alps in Austria. Our base was the Ötztaler Naturcamping in Huben and from there we made six day-trips in the Sölden area with our experienced guide, Bergführer Alexander Giacomelli from Alpinesport-Center. We practiced rope techniques, … Continue Reading

Weekend trek and bushcraft in the Ardennes

TREK REPORT 6-8 Sep. 2019 I did some hiking, wild camping and bushcraft with Leon Reteig in the French Ardennes near Fumay. Total distance: 21 km. Our route (including campsites) on Google Maps Other weekend treks in the French Ardennes Weekend trek in the French Ardennes (2014) Navigating the French Ardennes (2011) Warning Trek Reports … Continue Reading

Ski touring in Vallée de la Clarée

TREK REPORT I did some ski touring 2-8 March 2019 in the French Alps with my friend Jasper de Vries, local mountain guide Murray Hamilton and four Dutchies from toerskien.org. After a day of off-piste skiing in Puy Saint Vincent and a practice tour in Crévoux, we did a 4 day hut-to-hut tour in Vallée … Continue Reading

Hot canoeing journey in Sweden

TREK REPORT 26 July – 1 Aug. 2018, I went canoeing in south Sweden with Leon Reteig, Lynn Sörensen and Alessio Sclocco. We started and finished at Tyngsjö Vildmark, a campsite and canoe rental place run by a friendly Dutch couple, about 300 km northwest of Stockholm. In 6 days we did a 71 km trek (43 … Continue Reading

Kayaking at the Vinkeveense Plassen

Only a 20-minute drive South of Amsterdam is the popular nature and watersports area the Vinkeveense Plassen. I went kayaking there a few times over the years with friends. We rented kayaks at Vinkeveen Haven (about €20 for 4 hours per kayak). They also have the convenient free map “Vinkeveense Plassen Recreatie- en Plassenkaart”. Here … Continue Reading