The Blog

We are still pretty much cavemen. Although our living environment and lifestyle have completely changed in the last 10,000 years, our biology did much less. Evolution moves much slower than our technological advances.

Science writer Carl Sagan once said: “You have to know the past to understand the present”. And that’s the goal of this blog. It’s about understanding the modern world through science, technology and critical thinking and at the same time exploring our stone age heritage to get an idea of how it all started.


I’m Dutch guy Marc Smeehuijzen (1972) from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. After studying medical information science and psychology I’ve been working as a user experience designer (e.g. designing websites) and a popular science writer. My interest in our hunter-gatherer past resulted in taking survival courses, organising local bushcraft weekends, participating in orienteering weekends and going on nature treks. So if you can’t find me online, I’m probably in a cave somewhere.