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I always wondered how it would feel like to live like a hunter-gatherer. For 95% of human history, we have lived like this and it has shaped our species. Our modern way of life however looks very different, and many aspects of our original lifestyle have been forgotten.

Here you will find my attempt to get a taste of our caveman past. Together with a longing for outdoor adventure, it has taken me on a journey filled with survival courses, bushcraft projects and nature treks.

This blog contains some of the wilderness skills that I picked up along the way and some of the outdoor adventures I went on. Maybe they help you to discover your inner caveman, reconnect with nature, or just have some outdoor fun 🙂


I’m Dutch guy Marc Smeehuijzen (1972) from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. After studying Medical Information Science and Psychology, I’ve been working as a User Experience Designer (e.g. designing websites and apps).

I also had a short stint as a popular science writer and had fun with some other hobby projects. One of them was playing ultimate frisbee all over Europe, and I’m still into all kinds of sports.

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