Orienteering weekends

Here are a number of orienteering weekend races I did over the years. In a race, typically organized by Dutch scouts, each participating team gets a map and coordinates of a number of posts. The team that visits the most posts, in the shortest time, wins. It’s a great way to practice your navigation skills (only map and compass are allowed) and a good workout because you walk about 30 km a day in hilly terrain with a backpack.

Name weekendCountryDistanceYear
PooltochtGermany66 km2015
Ardennen Oriëntatie TochtBelgium59 km2012
PooltochtGermany65 km2012
Ardennen Oriëntatie TochtBelgium47 km2010
PooltochtGermany60 km2009

(I also did a number of treks, mostly self-organized and often involving wild camping).