Other hobby projects

Here is a hotchpotch of things I find interesting and creativity attempts. (Mostly unrelated to my outdoor activities).

Effective Altruism and the Giving What We Can Pledge (24 Jan 2022)
Donating 10% of your income to effective charities

Longevity Wiki (15 Dec 2021)
Open science education platform on healthy longevity

Climbing Amsterdam (13 Dec 2020)
Links to the reservation pages of climbing gyms in Amsterdam and their locations

Photographing the moons of Jupiter (12 Apr 2017)
A little experiment with binoculars and a simple camera

The adventures of little man Max (31 Mar 2017)
5 children’s stories (age 2-3 yr)

Course with Wim Hof ‘The Iceman’ in Poland (21 Feb 2015)
One week of breathing, yoga, meditation and severe cold

Marc’s Cooking (19 Aug 2013)
Some of my favourite home cooked food, including recipes

Stone Age – Movie Screenplay (15 Sep 2009)
My attempt at an adventure story contrasting the Stone Age with modern times

Frisbee George Players Handbook (15 June 2005)
Ultimate frisbee strategy playbook for the Amsterdam City League

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