1st Dutch Bushcraft Weekend in Baarn

In 2004, my friend and primitive technology expert Diederik Pomstra from Het Stenen Tijdperk, came up with the idea of a workshop weekend to share knowledge in the Netherlands about bushcraft, survival and primitive technology. And so the first Dutch Bushcraft Weekend was born.

The first edition was organized 20 – 21 Nov. 2004 in Baarn at the Buitenzorg Scout Centre. There were about 20 participants. (Unfortunately I didn’t take any picture during the weekend). After this weekend, I helped organize 10 more Bushcraft Weekends.

For more recent Dutch Bushcraft Weekends, see Stichting Bushcraft.


  1. Camp stoves, improvised and store bought
  2. Eutony: in harmony with yourself and your environment
  3. Fire making with friction and percussion
  4. Flint tools
  5. Pioneering: building with wood and rope
  6. Seeing more animals
  7. Tracks
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