7th Dutch Bushcraft Weekend in Apeldoorn

10 – 11 November 2007, I helped organize the seventh Dutch Bushcraft Weekend at the prehistoric village Haps in Apeldoorn. There were 70 participants.


  1. Blacksmithing
  2. Blowpipe
  3. Bowdrill
  4. Fire for underway
  5. Fire saw
  6. Five tests of prehistoric skills
  7. Gear
  8. GPS
  9. Knife, saw and axe use, maintenance and buy
  10. Knots
  11. Making primitive instruments
  12. Mantracking
  13. Medicinal plants
  14. Mushrooms: beefsteak fungus to dusky puffball
  15. Navigation and orientation
  16. Onennes Deeksha
  17. Orientation in the dark
  18. Pioneering
  19. Self made camp stoves
  20. Shelter building
  21. Skin processing
  22. Stone age diet
  23. Strolling through the woods
  24. Survival in a car
  25. The invisible school
  26. Wild observation post

Other Dutch Bushcraft Weekends I helped organize.

For more recent Dutch Bushcraft Weekends, see Stichting Bushcraft.

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