9th Dutch Bushcraft Weekend in Apeldoorn

1 – 2 November 2008, I helped organize the ninth Dutch Bushcraft Weekend at the prehistoric village Haps in Apeldoorn. There were 70 participants.


  1. Autogenic training
  2. Bowdrill making (advanced)
  3. Cooking a sheep in a pit fire
  4. Cooking with rocks
  5. Coyote training
  6. Edible plants
  7. Everything about knives
  8. Fire piston use and building
  9. Flint and steel and fire piston tips and tricks
  10. Hide tanning
  11. Knots and tarp
  12. Learn your environment
  13. Leather craft / making a knife sheath
  14. Making a wooden butter knife
  15. Making and fire burning pottery
  16. Mindfulness
  17. Preparing a sheep
  18. Self defense
  19. Setting up a yurt
  20. Shelter building
  21. Spranging
  22. S.T.O.P. / Humour
  23. Survival and senses
  24. Twining and braiding with plant fibers
  25. Working with the axe

Other Dutch Bushcraft Weekends I helped organize.

For more recent Dutch Bushcraft Weekends, see Stichting Bushcraft.

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