Bushcraft Weekends

An accessible way of learning bushcraft and survival skills is to attend a Bushcraft Weekend. On a typical weekend, participants both give and follow workshops on outdoor-related subjects. An organizer in the Netherlands of these kinds of weekends is Stichting Bushcraft.

My weekends

Over the years I helped organize a number of Dutch Bushcraft Weekends with Rob Hofman, Anneke Treep and others. We held two weekends per year, typically at a scouting centre, and they quickly grew in popularity from 20 to 150 participants. I stopped organizing in 2010 but Stichting Bushcraft keeps the weekends going.

11th weekend150AusterlitzJan. 2010
10th weekend150AusterlitzJun. 2009
9th weekend70ApeldoornNov. 2008
8th weekend100AusterlitzJun. 2008
7th weekend70ApeldoornNov. 2007
6th weekend70ApeldoornApr. 2007
5th weekend70ApeldoornNov. 2006
4th weekend70ApeldoornMay 2006
3rd weekend53ApeldoornNov. 2005
2nd weekend50OmmenJun 2005
1st weekend20BaarnNov. 2004

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