Facing the elements on the Hardangervidda


Who said a vacation in rain, wind and cold can’t be fun? Just returned from a 6-day trek (28 July – 2 Aug. 2017) on the Hardangervidda in Norway with my friends Rob Hofman, Jeroen Keultjes and Willem Hofman. It’s the country’s largest national park and located on an 1100 m high plateau, about a 4 hour drive west of Oslo. (I did a trek there in 2015 too). Despite the chilly weather and the barren landscape, we managed to have some fun. And trout  We hiked a 60 km loop in the middle of vidda.

Our route on Google Maps (including camps)

Hardangervidda National Park Centre

Route planner (UT.no) of the Norwegian Trekking Association (DNT)

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