Hiking tour in the Ötztaler Alps, Austria


29 July – 8 August 1994, I did my first hut-to-hut mountain hiking tour in the Austrian Alps with my friends Jeroen, Mariët, Thijs, Marjolein, Petra, Maarten and Matthijs. (I returned home after one week while the others hiked one more week). Estimate total distance: 80 km.

Mountain huts

  1. Bielerfelder Hütte (2.112 m)
  2. Dortmunder Hütte (1.950 m)
  3. Gubener Hütte (2.028 m)
  4. Pforzheimer Hütte (2.308 m)
  5. Westfalenhaus (2.273 m)
  6. Winnebachseehütte (2.362 m)
  7. Amberger Hütte (2.135 m)

Rough indication of our route on Google Maps

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