Hot canoeing journey in Sweden


26 July – 1 Aug. 2018, I went canoeing in south Sweden with Leon Reteig, Lynn Sörensen and Alessio Sclocco. We started and finished at Tyngsjö Vildmark, a campsite and canoe rental place run by a friendly Dutch couple, about 300 km northwest of Stockholm. In 6 days we did a 71 km trek (43 km paddling, 28 km portages), crossing 7 lakes including Knon, Storsjön, Flåsjön and Milsjön.

The record breaking heat and drought had caused multiple forest fires in the country but we decided it was safe enough to go in our area. Because of a fire ban, unfortunately campfires weren’t allowed (we did our cooking on a camp stove) and low water levels made paddling occasionally a challenge (Lynn must have doubled her arm muscles 🙂) but we still had lots of fun.

And the 30°C+ temperatures made swimming in the otherwise cold lakes, really great.

Our route on Google Maps (including wild camps)

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