Trekking in Femundsmarka, Norway


8-13 August 2021, I did a 6-day 76 km trek with Leon Reteig and Vince Linssen in Femundsmarka National Park in Norway.

Together with eight connected nature areas (some in Sweden), Femundsmarka is part of Gränslandet (‘Border Land’) which is one of the largest continuous areas of wilderness in southern Scandinavia (2.100 km2). There are many marshes and lakes and sparse pine and birch forest. With elevations between 700 m and 1.500 m, it is partly above the treeline (which is at about 1.000 m). The area is well known for its fishing and only a 4-hour drive northeast of Oslo.

During the trek we had great weather, saw many reindeer and caught one trout 🐟


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