Nordic skiing in Tyngsjö, Sweden


Feb. 2012 I did a 5-day nordic ski trek near Tyngsjö in Sweden with my friends Rob Hofman and Jeroen Keultjes. With army skis and pulk sleds we traveled about 30 km over five frozen lakes (including Naren, Bredsjön and Milsjön) and slept on the ice in a tipi with a wood stove. (Despite occasional ominous cracking sounds, the ice was thick enough to support our weight 🙂). We had lots of snow, we caught a 70 cm pike and one evening we saw the northern lights! Average temperature was about -6 ºC (coldest night: -21 ºC) but in the tipi it could get a cozy 20+ ºC. Good times!

Our route on Google Maps (including campsites)

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