Walking the 90 km Krijtlandpad without food


22 – 24 May, 2009, I walked the Krijtlandpad long-distance trail with my friends Rob Hofman and Jeroen Keultjes. This is a 90 km trail near Maastricht, in Limburg, in the south of the Netherlands. We had decided to do this weekend trek in lightweight fashion with minimal gear and without bringing food.

We slept in the woods under wool blankets and tarps, we only carried water bags in our packs and we hoped to find some food in nature on the way. Unfortunately, we only found some wild garlic (Dutch: daslook) and some Burgundy snails that we cooked on a campfire (tasted pretty bad 😖).

The hiking went surprisingly well considering we hardly ate anything for two days (except for Jeroen who had to eat some food half way because he didn’t feel well). We had great weather and, besides some blisters, good times!

Total walking time: 21 hour (not counting breaks).

More information on the Krijtlandpad can be found on the Dutch Wandelnet hiking website.

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