Orienteering weekends

A core wilderness skill is navigation and a great way to learn this, is in a race at an Orienteering Weekend. On such a weekend, typically organised by scouts, each participating team gets a map and coordinates of a number of posts. The team that visits the most posts, in the shortest time, wins. It can be challenging because you’re only allowed to use a map and compass (no phones, GPS, etc.) and it’s a solid workout because you walk about 30 km per day in hilly terrain with a backpack.

Here are two fun Dutch organizers of Orienteering Weekends:


Ardennen Oriƫntatie Tocht (AOT)

My races

These are a number of Orienteering Weekend races I did:

5: PooltochtGermany66 km2015
4: AOTBelgium59 km2012
3: PooltochtGermany65 km2012
2: AOTBelgium47 km2010
1: PooltochtGermany60 km2009

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