Survival and bushcraft courses

A great way of learning wilderness skills is by taking a survival or bushcraft course. Here are a number of good-quality survival and bushcraft schools that I have personal experience with.

Some good schools

Extra Survival

Founder René Nauta has been practicing survival, bushcraft and tracking since he was a little boy. He has been trained by the famous British survival expert Ray Mears and wrote the first Dutch bushcraft handbook. I learned my survival and bushcraft basics at this Dutch school.


This Dutch survival and trekking school was founded by former marine Dennis van Dokkum in 2010. Courses include navigation in the British hills, survival and canoeing in Sweden and parent-child survival weekends in The Netherlands. I have assisted Dennis on a number of courses in Sweden and Norway.

Nordic Bushcraft

Johan Forsberg started his school in 2006 in Sweden. Besides being a real friendly guy, Johan knows a lot about survival, including techniques especially useful in the nordics.

Karamat Wilderness Ways

This was the Canadian school of famous survival instructor Mors Kochanski. Quite some survival and bushcraft techniques described on this blog were inspired by his writings and teachings. Unfortunately Mors passed away in 2019 but a number of new instructors have taken over.

My courses

These are some wilderness skill courses I have taken over the years:

Wilderness First AidFylgjurZuid-Holland, Netherlands2014
Bushcraft trainingNordic BushcraftJöngköping, Sweden2010
Winter survival courseKaramat Wilderness WaysAlberta, Canada2009
Animal tracksExtra SurvivalDrenthe, Netherlands2005
Edible plantsCap BohanArdennes, Belgium2003
Advanced survival courseExtra SurvivalWest-Yorkshire, UK2003
Follow-up survival courseExtra SurvivalDrenthe, Netherlands2002
Basic survival courseExtra SurvivalDrenthe, Netherlands2001

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