Outdoor Trips

Here are a number of outdoor trips that I went on over the years. Most trips involved wild camping and lasted about a week.

For each trip I wrote a short Trip Report, including the route and some pictures. Maybe they provide you with inspiration for your own outdoor adventure. (If you decide to go on your own nature trek, you can use my TripDoc as a preparation checklist).

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Area Country Distance Year
Hardangervidda Norway 60 km 2017
Lake District UK 60 km 2016
Hardangervidda Norway 50 km 2015
Cairngorms Scotland 92 km 2015
Lake District UK 25 km 2015
Kinlochewe Scotland 50 km 2014
Kinlochbervie Scotland 50 km 2013
Lochinver Scotland 50 km 2011


Area Country Distance Year
Tyngsjö Sweden 71 km 2018
Tyngsjö Sweden 75 km 2015
Gothenburg Sweden 70 km 2012
Tyngsjö Sweden 53 km 2011
Tivedens Sweden 2010
Tyngsjö Sweden 57 km 2009
Rejmyre Sweden 13 km 2006


Area Country Distance Year
Tyngsjö Sweden 2010
Tyngsjö Sweden 12 km 2008


Area Country Distance Year
Vallée de la Clarée France 48 km 2019
Queyras France 57 km 2018
Kühtai Austria 31 km 2017
Rauland Norway 2016
Tyngsjö Sweden 30 km 2012