Help, I’m in a bubble

My bubble is a kind of echo chamber of peers. It originated from my upbringing, friends, family, work, culture and other environmental factors. It’s a comfortable place but unconsciously it influences all my opinions and dissenting voices are ignored. A painful confrontation with reality lurks, so it’s time for an escape plan. My bubble is … Continue Reading

Hiking or trail running with Google Maps on your phone

Navigation can be tricky when hiking or trail running in nature areas where you haven’t been before. Sometimes there are marked trails but it’s not uncommon that markings are missing and sign post maps at the trail head often lack detail. Fortunately, these days most people have a smart phone with GPS navigation like Google … Continue Reading

Telemark ski touring course in Rauland, Norway

TREK REPORT Just came back from a 1-week Telemark ski touring course in Southern Norway with Brian Desmond and Glyn Sheppard of Destination Setesdal (Jan. 28 – Feb. 6, 2016). We started with some nordic skiing near Evje in the South and then traveled North to Rauland and Morgedal for the Telemark ski touring. Great … Continue Reading