The first Dutch bushcraft handbook

BOOK REVIEW Finally there is a book about bushcraft in Dutch. Before, aspiring bushcrafters mainly had to resort to English books like Ray Mears’ excellent Essential Bushcraft, Mors Kochanski’s classic Bushcraft, or look online for -again- mainly English content. But no more. 29 Nov. 2015 the Bushcraft Handboek (€ 29,95) was presented by René Nauta and … Continue Reading

Start of this blog

2 Nov. 2015, I registered the domain name and set up the blog in WordPress (a content management system). To get some content straight away, I’ll start by uploading some old writings, including: Popular science features I wrote for United Academics online magazine (2011-2012) Some messages I posted on the Dutch Bushcraft Forum (2011-2012) Some outdoor trip … Continue Reading

Trek on the Hardangervidda, Norway

TREK REPORT In the Winter of 1943, a small group of Norwegian commandos parachuted on the snow-covered Hardangervidda in Nazi-occupied Norway. Their mission: to blow up the Vemork power plant in Rjukan which was producing heavy water that could be used by the Germans to create an atom bomb which could have dramatically changed the … Continue Reading

Course with Wim Hof ‘The Iceman’ in Poland

13 – 20 February 2015, I did a 1-week course with Dutchman Wim Hof ‘The Iceman’ in Poland. I learned breathing techniques, yoga, meditation and how to handle the bitter cold with a fun group of people. Earlier research in the Netherlands had suggested that Wim Hof’s method could strengthen people’s immune response making them … Continue Reading