How Irregular Wars Changed Our World

Originally published in United Academics Magazine on January 28, 2013. Guerrillas, raiders and terrorists are from all times and their methods offer valuable military lessons, especially in our modern era of unconventional wars. Some wars are waged without large and well-organized armies but still have great effect. Only think about the nineteen al-Qaeda hijackers in … Continue Reading

Try Stick – woodcutting workshop for kids

Originally published (in Dutch) on the Dutch Bushcraft Forum on October 13, 2012. Today I gave three woodcutting workshops to about 40 scouts of Scouting Petrus Donders in Sint-Michielsgestel (The Netherlands). The scouts were between 11 and 15 years old and the workshops were about 90 minutes each. I thought it would be fun to make … Continue Reading

Via ferrata in the Dolomites, Italy

TREK REPORT 12-17 Aug. 2012, I did a hut-to-hut via ferrata trip (German: Klettersteig) with Catherine Benoit in the Brenta Dolomites in the Italian Alps. A via ferrata (Italian for “iron way”) is a hiking/climbing route in the mountains with steel cables and ladders to which you can secure yourself with a climbing harness and … Continue Reading

Meet the Watchdogs of Science: Ben Goldacre & Mark Henderson

Originally published in United Academics Magazine on June 1, 2012. Despite the fact that we can thank science for almost all technological advances in human history, it is often misunderstood, misrepresented and misused in the media. In 2003 British doctor Ben Goldacre started writing about this in his Bad Science column in the Guardian and … Continue Reading

Interview: What Happens in the Aging Brain?

Originally published in United Academics Magazine on April 24, 2012. Many of our cognitive abilities such as reasoning, memory and spatial visualization start to decline in our mid 20’s.Yet, it turns out that many older people are doing great. How can this be? I asked psychology professor Timothy Salthouse of the University of Virginia’s Cognitive … Continue Reading