Running in minimalist footwear

Originally published (in Dutch) on the Dutch Bushcraft Forum on May 22, 2011. For a year and a half now I have been experimenting with running in minimalist footwear (footwear without cushioning). I’m doing this mainly out of historical interest. I assume that people in the past used to walk barefoot or in very simple footwear … Continue Reading

Mukluks (snow moccasins)

Originally published (in Dutch) on the Dutch Bushcraft Forum on May 15, 2011 in a thread about making moccasins. Early 2010, I made a couple snowshoeing moccasins (mukluks). I used the sewing pattern from the book Snow Walker’s Companion by Garrett and Alexandra Conover. (I can really recommend this book by the way, if you are interested … Continue Reading

Stone Age hunter-gatherers key to modern health problems

Originally published in the Bulletin of Primitive Technology on October 1, 2010. Today we have a radically different lifestyle than that of Stone Age hunter-gatherers but genetically we are still very similar. According to the new field of evolutionary medicine, this mismatch between our modern way of life and our Stone Age genes is the … Continue Reading

Winter survival training in Tyngsjö, Sweden

TREK REPORT 18-27 Feb. 2010 I went on Winter survival training in the snowy woods of Tyngsjö, Sweden, with my friends Rob Hofman and Johan Hoogendijk. We built a Mors Kochanski super shelter, made long log fires, got water from a stream, made two signal fires and, unfortunately, didn’t catch any fish in the lake. … Continue Reading

Survival and canoeing in Tyngsjö, Sweden

TREK REPORT 1-8 Aug. 2009 I was in Tyngsjö, Sweden to assist my friend Dennis van Dokkum of Survival school O.V.E.R.L.E.V.E.N. for a week of survival instruction and canoeing. With the 7 students we built campfires and shelters, fished for perch and pike, did some trapping, baked bread, navigated and traveled about 57 km (46 km … Continue Reading

Walking the 90 km Krijtlandpad without food

TREK REPORT 22 – 24 May, 2009, I walked the Krijtlandpad long-distance trail with my friends Rob Hofman and Jeroen Keultjes. This is a 90 km trail near Maastricht, in Limburg, in the south of the Netherlands. We had decided to do this weekend trek in lightweight fashion with minimal gear and without bringing food. … Continue Reading