Science features

Here are some popular science articles that I have written. (The ones between 2011 and 2013 were published in United Academics Magazine).


Help, I’m in a bubble (1 Nov 2016)

What to believe? (21 Apr 2016)

Interview: What Happens in the Aging Brain? (24 Apr 2012)

Walking in Circles: The Psychology Of Getting Lost (8 Feb 2012)

Mass Psychogenic Illness – How to Survive a Panic Epidemic (6 Jan 2012)

Why We Deny (8 Dec 2011)


Healthy aging technology is coming and that’s a good thing (11 May 2022)

How Irregular Wars Changed Our World (28 Jan 2013)

Cross-Training: Mixing Up Your Sports (29 Jun 2012)

Meet the Watchdogs of Science: Ben Goldacre & Mark Henderson (1 Jun 2012)

Stone Age hunter-gatherers key to modern health problems (1 Oct 2010)

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