Weekend trek in the Veluwe


September 9-11, 2016 I did a weekend trek in the North part of the Veluwe with my buddy Jeroen Keultjes. The Veluwe is the largest forested area in The Netherlands and about a 1-hour drive South East of Amsterdam. We hiked in total 50 km and our route consisted mainly of three stages of the Veluwe Zwerfpad, an official Dutch recreational hiking trail. We wild camped in the woods and had excellent weather: sunny, warm with only some rain on the last day. We also got our share of wildlife: we spotted a wild boar, a slow worm and heard red deer stags bellowing at night. Less welcome were all the insect bites (Jeroen discovered 99 ticks on his legs after he got home!)

Two hikers who believe they're hot shit
Two hikers who believe they’re hot shit

Our route on Google Maps (including wild camps)

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