Live mousetrap

Last month I made a mousetrap to catch mice alive. It’s a figure-4 trap using a wooden box with a lid with air holes. (I learned this type of trap on my first survival course in 2001).

Setting up the trap: 1. put the support stick on the ground, 2. hook the diagonal stick on top of the support stick, 3. put the edge of the box on top of the diagonal stick, 4. hook the baited trigger stick between the diagonal stick and the support stick. How it works: if the mouse touches the bait, the box falls down, trapping the mouse inside.

And here’s a little video of me demonstrating the trap in my apartment.

The only problem is that I don’t have any mice at home so I haven’t been able to properly test the trap. If you live in the Amsterdam area and you have a mouse problem, please let me know so you can borrow my trap 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Live mousetrap”

  1. Thanks for the good laugh – Mr. or Mrs. Snibbles is indeed caught but no way am I picking him/her up with my fingers. Very thoughtful animal rights approach but I need to be able to dispose of the critters too. Back to the drawing board?

    1. I guess you could slide a second lid under the box and move it that way with the mouse inside 🙂

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