6-day hut-to-hut skitour in the Swiss Alps


13-18 March 2022, I did a 6-day hut-to-hut skitour in the area around the Wildstrübel in southwest Switzerland. It was a custom skitour from the Dutch organisation toerskien.org that was postponed 2 years because of Covid. Joining me were Jasper, Roos, Harmen, Frank and Italian mountain guide Francesco Vaudo.

It turned out to be a challenging week with little snow the first few days, steep and icy slopes, some strenuous climbing and, unfortunately, inadequate communication and some poor decisions by our guide. (Because of this Jasper stopped after day 1). Fortunately, on day 3 conditions improved and overall we still had a good time enjoying great Alpine landscapes, learning better touring technique and staying in some cosy mountain huts. Total distance was about 75 km with elevations up to 3.200 m.


TourDist.GainRoute on Strava
1: Col du Pillon (1.546 m) to Geltenhütte (2.003 m) 17 km1.300 mRoute
2: Geltenhütte (2.003 m) to Cab. de Audannes (2.506 m)14 km1.400 mRoute
3: Cab. de Audannes (2.506 m) to Wildhornhütte (2.302 m)7 km600 mRoute
4: Wildhornhütte (2.302 m) to Wildstrübelhütte (2.791 m)11 km1.100 mRoute
5: Wildstrübelhütte (2.791 m) to Lämmerenhütte (2.502 m)13 km700 mRoute
6: Lämmerenhütte (2.502 m) to Kandersteg (1.932 m)12 km400 mRoute

The initial route plan on Google Maps.

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2 thoughts on “6-day hut-to-hut skitour in the Swiss Alps”

  1. Whoa, supervet Marc. Zou ik ook een keertje willen. Waren er spannende momenten? Inadequate? Now I am very curious!

    1. Zeker de eerste paar dagen waren er spannende momenten. Vooral bang om te vallen op steile en ijzige stukken. Later waren de condities wat beter en waren we ook meer gewend denk ik. Mooie tocht verder hoor, alleen gids kon beter (Italiaan die slecht Engels sprak).

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